From 12-00 Moscow time on August 1, 2018 to 12-00 Moscow time On December 1, 2018 LeoPays launches the contest No.1 with a total prize fund of 43.890 LPC (~ 1.316.700 rubles / 21.945 $) .There are 20 prize places available.


Any user can participate absolutely, for that it's enough to get a free registration and start recommending our social network to your friends, acquaintances and relatives using your referral link.


Only active users of the social network are eligible for the contest, and the activity is monitored by the automatic system PoSA (proof of social activiti)


Upon completion of the LPC prize pool, an ICO account is automatically received by the machine. The prize-winner can dispose of the tokens at his own discretion:

- put in the account for storage

- transfer to the purse Ethereum

- output to the external exchange

- translate to the internal exchange LeoPays



Any scoring of results is prohibited. The intruder will be disqualified.

The contest results are updated 1 time per hour.