The statistics page on our main promotion is available to you from today. You can keep track of your results needed to get a particular promotion step.

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We have simplified the receipt of promo, and now there is no condition under which your entire structure should be active at the VIP tariff. New conditions of this very promotion - total number of VIP tariff activations in your structure is taken into account. This means that every monthly payment of all your partners without exception is taken into account.

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For example, the first step of the bonus:

10 activations of the

VIP tariff in your first line

25 activations of the VIP tariff in your second line


It may happen at this step that you have only 5 partners in the first line, the ones whom you personally invited, but they activated the VIP tariff twice. In total you have 10 activations in the first line. And the same situation is in the second line.


It turns out that if you have a small team of partners you will obtain promo in any case. 


We also removed the restriction on bonus receipt, so now it is possible to get two or more bonus within one month.


The promotions for the first two steps are automatically credited to your "Account for Withdrawal" ("Financial Cabinet" menu section). Bonuses for steps 3, 4 and 5 can be obtained in LPC tokens at your wish at the rate of the receipt moment. 


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