Right after the free registration on our platform you obtain the status of "FREE" partner.


This status allows you to 100% free use of the social network for your work, to communicate with partners and promote any of your business both among platform partners and among ordinary users.


The "FREE" tariff provides some free programs, master classes, trainings and other useful materials.


You can have several directions to earn at once at the "FREE" tariff on the platform:


Personal Mining

Once you are logged into our social network, the automatic "Social Mining" system gets launched *

*- "Social Mining" is a system of encouragment for users of LeoPays.com social network to be active and participate in its development.


Structural Mining

Once someone gets registered free using your link you start earning 5% of the earnings on the first line's mining (users you personally invited).

Your first line is not limited, that is, your link can lead to the registration 5, 50, 5,000 or more users, and with each you will receive 5% of their earnings on the mining daily.

Thus, your income grows daily, that is, you do not need to actively promote the social network, because people themselves will be interested in getting a free registration. Yet your income increases with an active recommendation.





Social Mining

Level 1 (5% of partner income)

Cost of participation on the platform