The transfer of the platform to use its token within the network is scheduled for the end of 2018.

In the previous article we considered the first option of using the LPC token - "Social Mining". Today we will stop on activation of tariff plans for the LPC token (LeoPaysCoin).


In the social network there are 3 options for cooperation each of which opens certain opportunities for users. Let's consider briefly all the options for a common understanding of the system's operation.


The first option is the "FREE" tariff.


This tariff is available immediately after the free registration in the social network and does not require payment for its use.


This status allows you to use the social network free for your work, for communication with partners and for promotion of any business / product / service both among platform partners and among ordinary users of the social network.


At the "FREE" tariff some free programs, master classes, trainings and other useful materials are presented.


Once you are logged into our social network the automatic "Social Mining" system is launched *

* - "Social Mining" is a system of encouraging users of social network for their activity and participation in its development.


The system allows you to receive bonuses for simple actions on the platform. In the event that a new user comes due to your recommendation the system will reward not only him but also you.


The second option is the "START" tariff.


This tariff opens the possibility to receive bonuses from the sale of advertising packages through a unique partner program.


12 advertising packages of different sizes are presented in the tariff and the user receives a bonus from each sold package.


There is no mandatory sales on the platform and the advertiser can simply buy one or another advertising package and use it to promote his/her business.


After activation of each individual advertising package the user gets the opportunity to sell it on his referral link. As a result he gets 50% as a bonus from every sale, starting with the second package.


The third variant of cooperation which the participant of a social network can use is the "VIP" tariff.


It opens the opportunity to use all the tools of the platform at the lowest possible price in the market:

post mailing automation service;

Instagram work's automation service;

Facebook work's automation service;

hosting with all offers.


Before activating the tariff the user has the opportunity to familiarize him/herself with these tools:

to pass a free registration;

to study the service's cabinet;

to watch video instructions and reviews of each service;

to try some tools in test mode.


"VIP" Tariff plan like the two previous ones has its unique system of rewards for the partner program.


In addition to the tools for users who are active at the "VIP" tariff there opens an additional opportunity in the "Social Mining" function.


Unlike the "FREE" tariff's user the "VIP" user receives bonuses from 10 levels of his partner structure. Wherein it does not matter what tariffs his partners work on, he gets rewards even for partners who are on the free tariff.


Immediately after the tokenization of the social network and the transfer of its main functions to the blockchain, all calculations within the platform will be carried out in the LPC (LeoPaysCoin)


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