On July 23rd the second stage of LPC token sales was launched.

The stage will last until 00-00 Moscow time on July 30th, 2018.


Recall that throughout the PRE-ICO we have a minimum purchase size of 500 LPC = 0.1 ETH.


Purchased tokens are credited to an internal account and will be available for withdrawal to the stock exchange in the first 2 weeks after the completion of the ICO.


For partners who plan to recommend ICO to potential customers we prepared a pleasant bonus in the form of 5% of the purchased tokens for their referral link. Tokens are also credited to the internal account and are stored there until the completion of the ICO.


In addition to purchasing, our token can be earned within the network throughout its sales using the "Social Mining" function. Next week we will launch a promo campaign that will undoubtedly increase interest in our community.


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