Very soon we will open the first stage of the ICO which will last from 00-00 Moscow time on September 17th till 23-59 Moscow time on September 23rd.


Throughout the ICO the cost of the LeoPaysCoin token will be $ 0.2 + bonus LPC. The minimum number of tokens to purchase is 500 LPC ($ 100).


For the next 8 weeks you have the opportunity to purchase LPC tokens at a low price and with an additional bonus. After the completion of the ICO the value of the token within the LeoPays social network will be fixed at the minimum level of $ 0.5.


Bonus amount by weeks:

1 week (September 17th - September 23rd) BONUS-30%

2 week (September 24th - September 30th) BONUS-25%

3 week (October 1st - October 7th) BONUS-20%

4 week (October 8th - October 14th) BONUS-15%

5 week (October 15th - October 21st) BONUS-10%

6 week (October 22nd - October 28th) BONUS-5%

Week 7 (October 29th - November 4th) NO BONUS

8 week (November 5th - November 11th) NO BONUS


Until November 11 the exchange of funds from "Balance to withdrawal" to "ICO Balance" will be made with a ratio of 1 to 2. The price of the token for withdrawal is 16 rubles per 1 LPC.

Upon completion of the ICO an algorithm for storing LPC (Staking) tokens will be connected in the financial cabinet.

This algorithm is a separate wallet "Stake Wallet", on which you can transfer tokens for the subsequent receipt of rewards from 3% to 10% per month.

Tokens in the wallet "Stake Wallet" always remain on the balance sheet in the personal account and you can use them at any time at your discretion.

Replenishment of the "Stake Wallet" wallet (a wallet for storing LPC tokens) is available from the amount which is multiple to 1000 LPC. A total of 5.000.000 LPC will be available for storage on the "Stake Wallet".


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