350.000 LPC (LeoPaysCoin) were sold during the periods of PRE-ICO, ICO, promotional contests and 5 months of “Social mining”.


At the moment you can purchase a token on the Etherdelta Stock Exchange

(https://etherdelta.com/#0x1cc84f940cbbb6ce8baad7ef285f1c8618b4ae8d-ETH )

From December 1st we will launch the “Staking Wallet” and open the possibility of buying contracts from the internal accounts of the platform. Direct purchase of contracts on the platform for any currency will also be available. Recall that a total of 5,000 “Staking Wallet” contracts are available. Read more here https://leopays.com/info/news/205-news-lpc-16


Does LeoPays have “Staking Wallet” prospects?


Due to the increase in the cost of conventional mining, “Social mining” will eventually attract a huge number of users. And due to the “Staking Wallet” you can increase the size of the received bonuses in the form of LPC tokens.


For example, when you buy a mining farm for 150.000 rubles, and this is the cost of an inexpensive farm consisting of 5 video cards, with a hashrate of about 100 MH/s, when mining Ethereum your income will be the following sample data.


With a broadcast price of $ 200 your monthly yield will be $ 50 and will decrease each month due to the complexity of the Ethereum network. This is an average of 2.3% per month. The calculations used the Ethereum yield calculator https://eth.pp.ua/ru/calc/


In comparison with the “Staking Wallet”, 150,000 rubles is about 5 contracts for which you receive a bonus of 4% each month, which is twice the mining profitability of Ethereum. The calculations used the “Staking Wallet” yield calculator



Due to the fact that at the moment there is only 0.035% of the total number of tokens in turnover, the LPC has a huge potential for growth.


The LPC token is completely independent of the main factors that can affect the normal cryptocurrency. In our opinion, there are several major problems that are strongly associated with mining cryptocurrency:

  • high cost of equipment
  • unavailability for most people
  • long payback periods
  • electricity costs
  • costs for renting premises
  • payment to operational staff
  • risk of losing non mined coins in the pool
  • the risk of non-repayable loss of equipment (theft, fire, etc.)
  • all kinds of legal problems in different countries


All these problems lead to a rise in the cost of ordinary mining and its smooth transfer of power to large and isolated mining centers. And due to this, the principle of decentralization of cryptocurrency disappears, since the bulk of the assets is in the hands of crypto-oligarchs.


The LPC token is free from all these problems.


"Social Mining", in contrast to the classic cryptocurrency mining, does not require a purchase of expensive equipment, since the amount of power is made up of social activity and the depth of your structure. As a result, it becomes available to a huge number of users who previously did not have this opportunity. Due to the growth of your structure, the total capacity of "Social Mining" also increases, increasing your income in the form of bonus payments from your structure to a depth of 10 lines.


Due to the fact that the user does not buy the equipment, does not spend money on the rental of premises, on electricity, he/she does not have a question on the payback period. He/she starts earning right here and now. Since he/she has no equipment, there is no prospect of losing him, and all the coins he earns are instantly credited to his/her account. The data is taken from the LeoPays “White paper” https://leopays.com/wp-ru.pdf


Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the development of the LeoPais platform will have a positive impact not only on the company itself, but also on the entire crypto-world as a whole. And we will rightfully take our place in this rapidly developing world of crypto-technology.


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