Pending the launch of a 10-level affiliate program for the “LPC-bonus”, we are launching a weekly contest.


10 prizes will be available every week, from 1 to 10 LPC. Any user of the platform can take part in the competition. Only personal bonuses are counted, due to this all participants of the competition are in equal conditions.


In order to participate, it is enough to collect one bonus, and then everything will depend only on your desire to collect as many bonuses as possible.


The results of the competition will be visible online, and the integrity of the competition will be monitored by the PoSA (proof of social activity) system, which automatically will track offenders who will use bots or third-party programs. If an intruder is detected, his/her account will be permanently suspended from participation in all contests of the platform.


The competition starts in the afternoon of November 19th, at approximately 11:00 am Moscow time. The results of the competition will be announced every Sunday and the prize will automatically be credited to your balance for withdrawal.


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