From 00:00 Moscow time on December 10th, 2018, LeoPays launches a weekly contest with a weekly prize fund of 55 LPC. 10 prizes are available .

Absolutely each user can take part. To do this, just go through the free registration and start recommending our social network to your friends, acquaintances and relatives using your referral link.


The competition takes account only of active users of the social network registered on your link from Monday to Sunday of the competition week. The user will be credited only if he collects at least 50 LPC-bonuses that appear every 10-15 minutes.


At the end of the competition the prize-winning LPCs are automatically credited to the account for withdrawal. The prize-winner can dispose of tokens at his discretion:

- withdraw to the Payeer wallet

- transfer to the ICO account, thereby multiplying them by 2

- withdraw to an external stock exchange and sell for Ethereum

- replenish an advertising account and activate tools



Not more than 2 users working on the same IP are allowed.

The one who himself collected more bonuses will appear at the higher place


Competition results are updated automatically.


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